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  • UKG Practice worksheets and Grand Tests

    A child friendly maths environment
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  • UKG Syllabus for Practice Worksheets

    Addition up to 5
    Addition up to 10 with pins
    Addition statement up to 5
    Additon word problems
    Subtraction up to 10 with pictures
    Subtraction up to 10 word problems
    Write in figure 1 to 50
    Write in figure 50 to 100
    Write in words 1 to 50
    In between
    Before and After
    Fill missing numbers 1 to 20
    Fill missing numbers 1 to 50
    Recognition of numbers 51 to 100
    Patterns with shapes
    Greater than less than
    Near and far
    Heavy and light
    Hot and Cold
    Ascending and Descending
    Matching objects
    Match the following
    Who will be the first
    Word problems
    count up to 30
    Count up to 5 objects
    Count up to 5 birds
    Count up to 10 animals
    count up to 20 – class room
    count up to 30 – birthday
    Count up to 10
    Counting up to 10
    Select groups up to 10
    Count one more up to 10
    Count one less up to 10
    Count two more up to 10
    Count two less up to 10
    Count two more up to 10
    Count up to 20
    Count up to 20 objects
    Count by 2s upto 20
    Add by 2s up to 20
    Add by 2s up to 20
    Find Position
    Identify Colors
    Money Count
    Counting Money
    Money – Word problems

  • UKG Syllabus for Grand Tests

    Counting upto 100
    Missing numbers
    Number Sequence
    Before and After
    Matching Objects
    Word problems

  • Daily Maths practice worksheets

    Practice more than counting, numbers or additions.

    LittleMaths practice worksheets help kids to develop problem solving skills, intelligence, stimulates logical thinking