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      LittleMaths.com contains detailed practice tests in Mathematics and General Awareness, which helps children to attain all round development and to be prepared for future.

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      Practice is an essential element of learning. Here you have upto date, simple to use practice forms

    • Logical

      Logical thinking at an early age stimulates brain power towards solving complex problems

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      Solving puzzles enable kids to develop problem solving skills with different alternate methods

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      In addition to academical skills, the General Knowledge related practice and tests help kids to develop all round skills

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      Olympiads information, practice worksheets and model exams help the kids to be well prepared for Olympiad competitions



    • Math and General IQ Practice worksheets

      The practice worksheets are designed to stimulate thinking and acquire problem solving skills

    • Developing problem solving skills early

      The questions are sometimes twisted to sharpen kid’s skills and to enhance thinking power

    • Preparing for future competitions

      Today’s competitive world demand students to be smart and prompt.

    • Grand Tests

      Our grand tests help the parents to understand their kids strength and weakness topic wise. The focus areas can be addressed timely

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    More than 1000 practice worksheets

    Practice with fun

    Animated pop-ups to encourage kids thinking for right answers always

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    Olympiads and other competitions model exams and practice tests help students to prepare in advance and to secure top ranks in these competitions

    Parents blog

    Through our blogs, we continuously provide up to date information on various competitions and schedules

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