November 19, 2018

At the age of 5, children are in a stage where they start making due sense of little things around them. They want to know more. They tend to question more. They want to do everything they see around them. They imitate their siblings/teachers/parents. They are highly imaginative. And this is the age when they throw a lot of surprises on a daily basis. These are some of the reading and language developments you observe:

Reading Development:

  • Enjoys being read to and pretends to read aloud from a book 
  • Can produce rhymes
  • Knows most letters and can match some letters to the sounds they make
  • Can match some written and spoken words
  • Can write some letters and numbers
  • Likes to retell simple stories and asks questions about books

Language Development:

  • Uses more description in conversations  
  • Sentences are sometimes six words or longer, with combined phrases 
  • Knows the name of most common objects 
  • Can count to 10 and knows basic colors 
  • May tell riddles and jokes (and will definitely find them funny!) 
  • Understands opposites, such as big and little or up and down (and yes and no, of course!) 

At LittleMaths, we work towards making learning a joyous experience for little children. We want children to learn as much as they can in the most colourful and imaginative way. In simple words, we make learning as interesting as reading a favourite book or watching a favourite cartoon.

Little kids are adept at using technology, so here’s a chance for you to relax while they are doing some good learning online, all for free. Do visit