UKG Syllabus for all boards

UKG – 1st term ( Number work)

  1. Number Work
  2. Write in figure (1 to 100)
  3. Write in words (1 to50)
  4. Simple addition using objects
  5. Simple subtraction using objects
  6. What comes before, after and between numbers
  7. Greater and smaller numbers
  8. Putting the sign (>,=,<).
  9. Shapes
  10. Complete the pattern
  11. Zero activity (Purpose – To develop concept of Numbers)

UKG Maths Worksheets

UKG – 2nd term ( Number work)

  1. Write in words (51 to 100)
  2. Addition and Subtraction without objects
  3. Creating a theme – Example My family
  4. Revision of previous work

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Number work, operating numbers in particular, are the absolute fundamentals of a child’s mathematics journey. Make children spend more time on counting, addition, subtraction etc. This can be done through play, where they grasp with their fullest ability. Play along with blocks, divide them into two groups and ask them which group has more blocks. Also, ask them how many more blocks are there in that group. Ask them what shapes the blocks are made of. Use these tricks to make sure your kid is at the peak of his learning.