Teach young children math through play

November 19, 2018

A simple system at hand (computer or mobile) with Parents make this happen very easily. Your child need not be sitting atcomputer or mobile all the time

Have a conversation with a child that’s based on quantity or size: Which is bigger, the strawberry or the blackberry? I cut the grapefruit in half, so now how many pieces are there? Food items, bath toys, steps, and body parts are just a few of the many things children can have fun counting, ordering, and comparing.

By focusing on play, math is integrated in a natural way rather than being taught in isolation. And it’s done so through familiar items that children are already interested in.

Mathematics is everywhere and there are so many opportunities to spot teachable counting moments beyond repetition. As Parent, you get even more ideas, when you teach your child through systems like www.littlemaths.com.

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