Selecting good schools - what's the criteria, how to take a decision

November 19, 2018

Academics/Sports/Arts are must to keep healthy atomoshphere in a school.

Simple decision to matrix, which helps you to select right school for your child

  • Infrastructure/buildings/sufficient play ground
  • Good ventilation in all class rooms,  away from noise ( and main roads)
  • How is the student teacher ratio?
  • Profile and track record of management ( including Principal / Head Miss)
  • How do they pay to their teachers in comparsion to similar schools in the same city/town
  • How good they are in retaining their teachers. If more than 20% teachers leave every year, then something wrong with their managements
  • How they’d rank or how well students from there do in their final exams
  • How strict the school is in Academics/Security/Punctuality
  • Bus facility / distance from your house
  • What is the teaching style/methodology?
  • What is the fee structure?
  • Do they have grades from pre kg or kg or 1st standard?
  • What is the typical profile of parents? Income /professionals /business folks
  • Do they encourage students coming up special skills in academics/sports/arts/music etc
  • What extra curricular activities do they have?

Hope the above pointers help you to find right school for your child.

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