School fees in India, how much

November 19, 2018

Metro Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh

CBSE or State Boards

High income families – good schools – Rs 100000 to 300000 per year

Middle income families –   good schools – Rs 50000 to 175000 per year

Low income families – good schools –  Rs 25000 to Rs 50000 per year

Christian missionary – good schools  – Rs 30000 to Rs 75000 per year

Kendriya vidyala – good schools –  Rs 3000 to Rs 8000 per year

Major Towns and other areas, usually the fee is around 20% lower than metro cities

One time donation in private schools

Schools are not supposed to collect one time donation from parents. But unfortunately, this is very much part of system, many private schools demand donation from 50k to 200k  depending on demand and popularity


ICSE schools charge 10 to 30% above CBSE school of same quality or excellence.


The international school fee vary so much between schools. But the minimum any IB school charge is Rs 250k, the average cost would be around Rs 350k per year.

In many good international schools, the fee would be around Rs 400k per year.

Age limit for playschool, nursery and kindergartenCBSE or ICSE or State Board which is better