LKG Syllabus and Worksheets

  • LKG daily Maths Practice worksheets

  • LKG  Mathematics Syllabus

    At Kindergarten level, usually there is no standard syllabus which is followed uniformly.

    In general, many  Kindergarten centers or pre-primary schools follow these topics. A few parents teach even more advanced topics ( for example multiplication at LKG level).

    These topics below are essential to be learnt at LKG level.


    • Read and Count – Oral counting – 0 to 50
    • Writing numbers from 0 to 30
    • Finding a missing number in a given number sequence up to 10
    • Matching with quantities – Activity in class, Live demo, work sheets, board work
    • Count and write –Activity in class, Live demo, work sheets, board work.
    • Match the figures – Activity in class, Live demo, work sheets, board work.
    • Count and tick/ circle / color the correct numbers etc.
    • Joining dots/ missing numbers
    • Different Shapes
    • Complete the patterns ( Numbers and Pictures)


    • Recognition of numbers from 51 to 100.
    • Writing 0 to 50 in HTO format.
    • Counting, Matching, Circling etc. of numbers & quantities.
    • Concept – Far/Near, Long/Short, Big/Small etc.
    • Implementation – Live Demo, Cut-outs, Board work.
    • What comes ‘After’&‘Between’.
    • Write in words 1 to 10.
    • Project – Numbers
    • Project – Shapes
    • Counting activities using various objects.
    • Creating a ‘Fruit & Vegetable’ market in class and counting items.

    English – Reading and Writing

    • Pre-Writing Strokes
      Standing line
      Sleeping line
      Left Slanting line
      Right Slanting line
      Left Curve
      Right Curve
      Up Curve
      Down Curve
    • Alphabets and Basic Grammar

      Identification of alphabets using objects
      Objects related to each letter
      Small Letters & Capital Letters
      Matching capital and small letters
      Vowel words
      Consonants words
      Phonic Drill
      Listening skills – playing audio – identify objects
      Rhyming words to improve listening skills
      ​Differentiate between gender and pairing​

  • General Awareness

    • About Me
      My Body Parts
      My Family
      My Birthday
      My Home
      My School
    • Safety
      At home
      At the School
      On the road
      At the Playground
    • Animals
    • People
      School bus driver
      Security Guard

    General Knowledge questions for Kids

    Environmental Science

    • Good habits and manners
    • Parts and organs of the body and their use.
    • Common objects with missing parts ( like a wheel of a cycle).
    • Awareness about the environment through a picnic
    • Time reading from a clock or watch
    • Understanding of the concept of time by explaining weeks, months and year.
  • Math Puzzles

    • Sudoku
    • Pattern block puzzles
    • Play with Shapes
    • Number and Objects match
    • Guess missing numbers