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    LKG  Maths Syllabus

    At Kindergarten level, usually there is no standard syllabus which is followed uniformly.

    In general, many  Kindergarten centers or pre-primary schools follow these topics. A few parents teach even more advanced topics ( for example multiplication at LKG level).

    These topics below are essential to be learnt at LKG level.


    • Read and Count – Oral counting – 0 to 50
    • Writing numbers from 0 to 30
    • Matching with quantities – Activity in class, Live demo, work sheets, board work
    • Count and write –Activity in class, Live demo, work sheets, board work.
    • Match the figures – Activity in class, Live demo, work sheets, board work.
    • Count and tick/ circle / color the correct numbers etc.
    • Joining dots/ missing numbers
    • Different Shapes
    • Complete the patterns


    • Recognition of numbers from 51 to 100.
    • Writing 0 to 50 in HTO format.
    • Counting, Matching, Circling etc. of numbers & quantities.
    • Concept – Far/Near, Long/Short, Big/Small etc.
    • Implementation – Live Demo, Cut-outs, Board work.
    • What comes ‘After’&‘Between’.
    • Write in words 1 to 10.
    • Project – Numbers
    • Counting activities using various objects.
    • Creating a ‘Fruit & Vegetable’ market in class and counting items.

    Class 6 to 10 Daily Practice

    English – Reading and Writing

    • Pre-Writing Strokes
      Standing line
      Sleeping line
      Left Slanting line
      Right Slanting line
      Left Curve
      Right Curve
      Up Curve
      Down Curve
    • Alphabets and Basic Grammar

      Identification of alphabets using objects
      Objects related to each letter
      Small Letters & Capital Letters
      Matching capital and small letters
      Vowel words
      Consonants words
      Phonic Drill
      Listening skills – playing audio – identify objects
      Rhyming words to improve listening skills
      ​Differentiate between gender and pairing​

    General Awareness

    • About Me
      My Body Parts
      My Family
      My Birthday
      My Home
      My School
    • Safety
      At home
      At the School
      On the road
      At the Playground
    • Animals
    • People
      School bus driver
      Security Guard

    General Knowledge questions for Kids

    Environmental Science

    Good habits and manners
    Parts and organs of the body and their use.
    Common objects with missing parts ( like a wheel of a cycle). 
    Awareness about the environment through a picnic
    Time reading from a clock or watch
    Understanding of the concept of time by explaining weeks, months and year.