• LKG Worksheets

    Maths and General skills
  • Maths Work

    Our LKG worksheets are a great way to get started. They help kids get a jump on early reading benchmarks, and the memorization of these words will serve your child well in the early elementary grades and beyond.

    We provide practice for:

    • Count
    • Fill missing numbers
    • Comparison of quantities and sizes
    • Positions
    • Shapes
    • Classifying, etc.
    • Learn

      Children are born curious. Nurture this and provide them an opportunity to learn more out of the topic facts.

    • Practice

      We all know, practice makes perfect. So let them get some practice along with some fun.

    • Exposure

      We expose them to various problems allowing to expose them to involve more.

  • We also provide grand and themed tests. Some of the themes in LKG are:
    • Toy train test
    • Balloon test
    • General awareness test, etc.