Class 2 Syllabus and Worksheets

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    Class 2 math worksheets

  • Class 2  Maths Syllabus

    Add 2 digit numbers mentally
    3 addends with single digits
    4 addends with single digits
    Adding whole tens-2 addends
    Adding whole tens-3 addends
    Adding whole tens, 4 addends
    Adding whole tens and 2 single digit
    Adding whole tens-missing addend
    Add three 2-digit numbers in columns
    Add four 2-digit numbers in columns
    Adding whole hundreds to complete a thousand
    Adding whole hundreds
    Additions word problems
    Add two 3-digit numbers in columns

    Subtraction-2 digit numbers
    Subtraction-3 digit numbers
    Subtract-two digit number with and without borrowing
    Subtract- three digit numbers with and without borrowing
    Subtraction-Whole tens
    Add and subtract 3 single digit
    Add and subtract 4 single digit

    Borrow over zeros
    Subtraction word problems

    Tables 2 and 3
    Tables 4 and 5
    Tables 2 to 5 missing factor
    Tables 6 to 10 missing factor
    Two times of numbers
    Two times missing factor
    Word problems

    Simple Fractions – Parts of a whole
    Select halves
    Identify thirds
    Identify quarters
    Identify all fractions
    Reading and writing factions
    Write numerator and denominator
    Identify numerator and denominator
    Fractions in words
    Match the fraction from picture
    Fraction of a set or group
    Match fraction from a set
    Write fraction for a part
    Identify parts of a set
    Compare fractions
    Compare with same denominator
    compare with different denominator
    comparing fractions of a set
    Fractions word problems
    Birthday cake

    Comparing and Arranging
    Greater than and less than
    Before after in between
    Match the following
    Name and Identification
    Shapes 2D and 3D
    Time and Calendar
    Telling the time
    Days and weeks
    Counting Currency

    Place Value and Division
    Place values
    Place value by model

    Word problems and divide

    Positions and Measurement
    Long and Short
    Light and Heavy

    Image patterns

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