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  • UKG  Syllabus

    At Kindergarten level, usually there is no standard syllabus which is followed uniformly.

    In general, many  Kindergarten centers or pre-primary schools follow these topics.

    These topics below are essential to be learnt at UKG level.

    UKG Mathematics


    1. Number Work
    2. Write in figure (1 to 100)
    3. Write in words (1 to50)
    4. Simple addition using objects
    5. Simple subtraction using objects
    6. What comes before, after and between numbers
    7. Greater and smaller numbers
    8. Putting the sign (>,=,<).
    9. Shapes
    10. Complete the pattern
    11. Zero activity (Purpose – To develop concept of Numbers)


    1. Write in words (51 to 100)
    2. Addition and Subtraction without objects
    3. Creating a theme – Example My family
    4. Revision of previous work

    Number work, operating numbers in particular, are the absolute fundamentals of a child’s mathematics journey. Make children spend more time on counting, addition, subtraction etc. This can be done through play, where they grasp with their fullest ability. Play along with blocks, divide them into two groups and ask them which group has more blocks. Also, ask them how many more blocks are there in that group. Ask them what shapes the blocks are made of. Use these tricks to make sure your kid is at the peak of his learning.

    English – Reading and Writing

    • Pre-Writing Strokes
      Standing line
      Sleeping line
      Left Slanting line
      Right Slanting line
      Left Curve
      Right Curve
      Up Curve
      Down Curve
    • Alphabets and Basic Grammar

      Identification of alphabets using objects
      Objects related to each letter
      Small Letters & Capital Letters
      Matching capital and small letters
      Vowel words
      Consonants words
      Phonic Drill
      Listening skills – playing audio – identify objects
      Rhyming words to improve listening skills
      ​Differentiate between gender and pairing​

    Environmental Science

    Good habits and manners
    Parts and organs of the body and their use.
    Common objects with missing parts ( like a wheel of a cycle). 
    Awareness about the environment through a picnic
    Time reading from a clock or watch
    Week days
    Calendar reading
    Understanding of the concept of time by explaining weeks, months and year.

  • General Awareness

    • About Me
      My Body Parts
      My Family
      My Birthday
      My Home
      My School
    • Safety
      At home
      On the road
      At the Playground
    • Animals
    • People
      Security Guard

    General Knowledge questions for Kids